Thursday, 30 September 2010

Cultural magazine Passages issue 53

Coverage of art and culture issues and cultural policy debates – Passages, Pro Helvetia’s cultural magazine, has provided reports on current trends and developments in the Swiss culture scene. [dated September 2010]

Art Will Make You Happy! 

This issue of Passages is dedicated to the felicity provided by art. Conceived in tandem with the Forum Kultur und Ökonomie (Culture and Economy Forum), this issue of Passages assembles a range of responses to the proposition that "Art Will Make You Happy!” A writer, a cultural studies expert and a psychoanalyst (among others) try their hand at identifying the effects of art, and subject cultural policy makers and their related claims to the third degree, visually heckled all the while by Swiss artist Olaf Breuning.

Other topics: 
Epiphany in a Petri Dish: Artists-in-Labs 
The Walls Have Tongues: Swiss Sound Art in San Francisco 
Inspiring Rome: Turnig Time into Art PDF file

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DABBA-WALLA - M Pravat's ongoing project

DABBA-WALLA an open studio evening of M Pravat's ongoing project. [dated September 2010]

F+F Schule fur Kunst, Zurich and Pro Helvetia New Delhi invite you to the Open Studio evening of M Pravat's ongoing project

an interaction and a multimedia presentation of M Pravat's performance project.
on 20 September 2010 at 5.30 pm at F+F Schule fur KunstUnd Mediendesign Flurstrasse89, Ch-8047 Zurich

About the Project: 
Across various cities in India, a large number of office-going people as wellas students are accustomed to 'Tiffin walla' meals during work-hours. The word 'tiffin' originated in India under the British rule, meaning lunch. Over aperiod of time, it has gained currency as packed lunch, which is either sentfrom home, or from eateries that cater to this facility.

The delivery of Tiffin boxes by Tiffin-wallas (Dabba-wallas) is a unique and complex system often under one delivery person who is responsible for getting thousands of tiffin-boxes to the right destinations. What is even more complex is the kind of dependence-structure that this creates between people on such a large scale in the recesses between hours of work. The lunch-hour of work is that gap between work when a person is not at work, but neither at home. This gap is filled by a basic necessity which varies in practice tremendously in different cultures.In the form of a performance interaction, 'Dabba-wala' attempts to re-situate a complex system of interdependence between people, one that centers around the already familiar steel tiffin-box.

For the project, I will play the role of the chef as well as the delivery-boy (dabba-walla), delivering tiffin-boxes to selected people for a period of 5 days. The entire process will be documented, culminating in a multimedia presentation and interaction which is open for everyone.

M Pravat
The Škoda Prize

The Skoda Prize is a contemporary art award that will recognise and reward an Indian artist responsible for the most outstanding exhibition, or other presentation of their body of work. [dated September 2010]

Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council associates with The Škoda Prize which is a contemporary art award that will be instituted in 2010 -11.

The Škoda Prize recognises cutting-edge work demonstrating vision, innovation, and a mature understanding of material and form. The Prize brings to public notice exciting trends in contemporary art, highlighting the output of established mid-career artists as well as new voices. The award is backed by jurors of impeccable credentials, including a Swiss specialist, and a dedicated group of advisors.

The award recognises and rewards an Indian artist under the age of 45, responsible for the most outstanding exhibition, or other presentation of their body of work produced in the twelve months preceding.

Important dates 
30th September 2010 | Last date for entries 
4th October 2010 | Total nominations received shortlisted to 100 nominations 
8th October 2010 | 100 nominations to be short-listed to 20 by the Jury Panel
6th November 2010 | 20 nominations to be short-listed to final three nominations by the Jury Panel
21st January 2011 | The ŠKODA Prize Award Ceremony in New Delhi. The Jury Panel announces the Winner from the short-listed three finalists.

To know more about The ŠKODA Prize, read the FAQs.
To participate, download the Nomination Form. For more information visit
Residencies 2012/ 2013 - call for applications

The Swiss Arts Council supports studio and research residencies. Artists and cultural practitioners in the areas of the visual arts, music, literature, theatre and dance are eligible to apply. [dated September 2010]

 The Swiss Arts Council supports studio and research residencies. Artists and cultural practitioners in the areas of the visual arts, music, literature, theatre and dance are eligible to apply.

For more information on the studio and research residencies click here

To access myprohelvetia - Pro Helvetia's online portal for applications (under «Knowledge sharing») click here.

Click here to view a list of artists who have already been on the residency. To view Frequently Asked Questions click here IMPORTANT: The last date for submission of application forms for the year 2012/ 2013 is 1 February 2011. The application process for the year 2011 and 2012 stands closed.
Contemporary Swiss music

This year’s «Tonkünstlerfest» is being held in Lucerne. This large-scale showcase for contemporary Swiss music will feature no fewer than 24 world premieres in 48 hours. [dated September 2010]

Contemporary Swiss music Judging by the selection of works being performed at this year's «Tonkünstlerfest», the Swiss music scene is vibrant and multi-faceted. The programme includes large-scale orchestral concerts and intimate solo recitals, dance music and «theâtre musical», improvisation concerts and a sound installation. As many as 24 works will receive their world premieres in Lucerne on 11 and 12 September.

The Tonkünstlerfest has, for the first time in its 110-year history, been invited to the renowned Lucerne Festival, which has chosen contemporary Swiss music as a focal point in its summer programme. «(z)eidgenössisCH» (a play on words in German meaning both contemporary and federal, i.e. Swiss), is the double-layered name of this festival-within-a-festival that will transform Lucerne into a centre for new music on the second weekend of September.

Besides established composers such as Dieter Ammann, who is this year’s Composer-in-Residence, the 2010 festival will also feature younger talents. Pro Helvetia has commissioned works from six Swiss composers: Cécile Marti, Xavier Dayer, Stefan Wirth, Nadir Vassena, Michael Wertmüller and Dieter Ammann.

Thanks to the Lucerne Festival’s international reputation, the composers' works are likely to be performed not just this once in Switzerland but hopefully also in other countries as well in the near future. At the invitation of Pro Helvetia, large numbers of important arts administrators and organisers from all over Europe will be attending the «(z)eidgenössisCH» festival.

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