Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Cartographies at Jugnee Contemporary Dance Festival
A series of films on choreographic interventions in the urban landscape, Cartographies by Compagnie Philippe Saire will be screened at Jugnee Indo-contemporary Dance Festival in Mumbai.

A series of films on choreographic interventions in the urban landscape of Lausanne, Cartographies is a project created by Compagnie Philippe Saire.

The dance videos will be screened as part of Jugnee Indo-contemporary Dance Festival in Mumbai.

Film Screening:

Date: 30th April 2015 at 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm 
Venue: Prithvi Theatre,Juhu 
20,Janki Kutir,Juhu Church Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049 
Entry as per festival rules.

The following six films will be screened:

Cartographie 2 – Les Arches
by Philippe Saire // Switzerland, December 2002

Cartographie 3 – Interface 
by Pierre-Yves Borgeaud // Switzerland, 2002

Cartographie 5 – Rue Centrale 17-19
by Alain Margot // Switzerland, November 2004

Cartographie 7 – Le Bassin
by Philippe Saire // Switzerland, April 2008

Cartographie 8: L’Îlot
by Mario Del Curto // Switzerland, April 2008

Cartographie 10 – Le Jardin des Colombes
by Philippe Saire // Switzerland, July 2012

CARTOGRAPHIES are a series of short films also termed as videodance, which are choreographic interventions in the urban landscape of Lausanne, Switzerland. The aim is to search for new ways of printing bodies on landscapes and creating fresh identities for urban spaces. In order to make a permanent record of these ephemeral interventions in the cityscape, the work is filmed thus giving a specific for to the interpretation, identity and memory of the city. 

About Philippe Saire 
Philippe Saire was born in Algeria and lives in Switzerland. In 1995, the Compagnie Philippe Saire inaugurated its own creative workspace, the Théâtre Sévelin 36. Situated in Lausanne, the theatre is entirely dedicated to contemporary dance. The Theatre is host to performances of international stature, but also supports dance performances by local companies in order to encourage their development. Amongst the highlights of the theatre's annual programme are the Lausanne International Dance Festival and the Printemps de Sévelin Festival, which is dedicated to the work of young, contemporary choreographers. Artists-in-residence programmes complete the list of the theatre's regular activities.The Compagnie Philippe Saire has created 25 shows to date, with more than 1'000 performances in 160 towns and cities across Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the Americas. Parallel to his work as a choreographer, Philippe Saire has also created and directed several video films about the universe of dance, often inspired by shows performed by his own company. 

For more information visit: www.philippesaire.ch