Friday, 31 December 2010

Launch of Camerawork Delhi issue 7

Pro Helvetia New Delhi supports Camerawork Delhi, a publication dedicated to independent photography. [dated December 2010]

Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council and FICA invite you to the launch of Camerawork Delhi, Issue No. 7. The magazine champions the cause of 'independent' photography and is edited by Gauri Gill and Sunil Gupta. Date: Saturday, 4th December Time: 5-7 PM Place: FICA reading Room, 42 Defence Colony, New Delhi 110024 Photographers presenting: Uzma Mohsin, Vidisha Saini, Ishan Tankha

Camerawork Delhi, a tri-annual publication that is distributed to a local, national and international audience, aims to provide a forum for independent photography. Its objectives are to provide opportunities for photographers and writers to publish their work, and, to develop new audiences. The primary focus of the journal is education and not the market place. With that in mind, it features extensive coverage of archives, history, theory and developments in formal and non-formal education. It is currently edited by Gauri Gill and Sunil Gupta, well known Indian photographers and curators.

Previous issues carried an interview with William Ewing, Director of the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, Switzerland by Gauri Gill, and Urs Stahel in conversation with Sunil Gupta.

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Strange Lines at Ahmedabad and Thrissur

Pro Helvetia presents Strange Lines, an Indo - Swiss multilingual theatre collaboration based on the graphic novel anthology ‘When Kulbhushan Met Stöckli’ at Ahmedabad and Thrissur. [dated December 2010]

Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council presents Strange Lines An Indo - Swiss multilingual theatre collaboration based on the graphic novel anthology ‘When Kulbhushan Met Stöckli’ at

Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 18 December 2010 at 830 pm Natarani Theatre, Darpana Academy of Performing Arts Ahmedabad

Thrissur, Kerala - 22 December 2010 at 9:00 pm International Theatre Festival of Kerala, KT Muhamed Smaraka Theatre Kerala Sangeetha Nadaka Academy, Thrissur

Concept and Direction - Amitesh Grover
Cast - Amit Saxena and Julia Perazzini
Text Work & New Writing – Amit Saxena, Julia Perazzini & Keshav Kumar
Video Design – Michel Weber
Sound Design - Ish S Drawing – Dheerendra Dwivedi
Production Design – Kumaradas T N Synopsis 

The departure point of this theatrical collaboration is a comics collaboration – When Kulbhushan Met Stockli - recently released by HarperCollins Publishers, India. Nineteen graphic novelists share their experiences while encountering the ‘other’ land/people in their stories and drawings. In Strange Lines, two people write letters to each other. They write about themselves, their lives, their cities and their nations. They draw their bodies and imagine the other’s. And then, they meet. The project seeks to play with the young art of graphic novel, the theatricality in drawing and ways in which drawing and theatre can come together to present notions of ‘home and away’, ‘nativity and foreignness’. Some stories from the book are adapted to form the narrative for the production, while others are improvised from the performers’ own lives. 

Profile of the Director-Amitesh Grover
Performance Maker, New Media Artist and pedagogue, National School of Drama (India) alumnus Amitesh Grover has created 15 Performances and Mixed-media Installations, which have taken a total of 90 shows across 6 countries. Having completed his MA (Performance Arts) from University of Arts London, UK in 2006, he went on to focus on exploring the live interface between the body and media in performance. His work has been shown in Switzerland, U.K., China, Romania, Oman and India. He is the recipient of numerous awards including YCE Creative Entrepreneur Award nomination (2010), SNA (Bismillah Khan) National Award for Theatre Direction (2009), BC Theatre Sutra Award (2009), was awarded a Pro Helvetia Artists Residency in Switzerland ( 2008) and received a Charles Wallace Scholarship (2005). He has also been on the jury of TheatreSpektakel’08. At present, he lectures at National School of Drama, India and is a freelance artist. His work, thoughts and reviews are available online at 

Profile of Swiss actress Julia Perazzini
Julia Perazzini is a Swiss a actress, who was born and lives in Lausanne, Switzerland. She graduated in 2006 from the « Manufacture », the National School of Theater in Lausanne. She has worked with Denis Maillefer and his company « Theatre en Flammes » and with musician Polar in Geneva, for the international festival « La Bâtie ». Julia has also worked with Mathieu Bertholet, a young Swiss writer and director and with director Isabelle Pousseur from Brussels, Belgium. Currently, Julia is developing a more personal work with Company Eponyme, based in Lausanne, who makes their own collective political creations. She continues to dance for the concerts of Swiss electro music group « Larytta » for whom she created a duo of dance performances in 2007.

Julia Perazzini performed for the first time in India in, January 2009. She was part of the cast of Denis Maillefer’s production « For the first time » that was part of National School of Drama’s Bharat Rang Mahotsav. This play, created first in Geneva was recreated in Delhi and Gurgaon in English, Hindï and French with Indian and Swiss actors. Julia returned to India once again in January 2011 to perform at the Bharat Rang Mahotsav for the second time. She shared the stage with Amit Saxena in « Strange Lines », a multimedia theatre performance in English, directed by Amitesh Grover.

A versatile actress, Julia has also acted in several short films, like « La Délogeuse » (Golden Leopardino in the International film festival of Locarno 2008) and has played the main character in a feature film, directed by Lionnel Baier, a Swiss movie director. She has just completed the shooting of a sitcom for the Swiss Television (TSR), 13 episodes, in which she plays a petty criminal, the main female character.
Poetry Connections

POETRY CONNECTIONS - a translation workshop and multilingual multimedia performance in Pondicherry, Chennai and Pune. [dated December 2010]

As part of the Literature Across Frontier’s (LAF) international initiatives, a translation workshop POETRY CONNECTIONS will be held in India in Pondicherry. This will be followed by a multilingual and multimedia performance in Chennai and Pune.

Workshop at Adishakti Date: 8th to 14th December 2010 (closed - for poets / oganisers only)

Performances at Amethyst, Gopalapuram on 15 December at 7.00 pm ( open to public) Stella Maris College on 16 December at 9.00 am Womens Christian College o 16 December at 11.30 am British Council on 16 December at 6.00 pm ( open to public)

Performance at Kala Chaya Campus, Opp Vikhe Patil School, Patrakar Nagar Road, Chaturshrungi Date: 18 December, 2010 at 5.30 pm (open to public)

The poetry translation workshop leading up to these events is scheduled to be held from 8th to 15th December, 2010 at Pondicherry. Eight national and international poets will be participating in the workshop. The six-day intensive workshop is envisaged to bring poets in contact with various contexts of their languages, regions, styles, formats etc. With musical, visual and performative aspects the poets will interact with each other in the beautiful environs of Adishakti.

The cross-translation and creative work achieved during this intensive workshop will be showcased as a performance at the inaugural of the Prakriti Poetry Festival on the 15th December in Chennai at 7pm.

POETRY CONNECTIONS at Pondicherry Workshop at Adishakti 8th to 15th December, 2010 This particular workshop to be held at Adishakti will bring together the following eight poets:
Arjun Bali – English, Hindi, Punjabi
Bill Herbert – English
Meena Kandasamy – English, Tamil
Raphael Bendicht Urweider – English, German
Robin Ngangom – English, Manipuri
Roselyne Sibille – French, English
Sampurna Chattarji – English, Bengali
Zoë Skoulding – English

The poets have been selected to bring together a range of languages as well as to look at different cultural contexts they work in. The workshop to be held at the beautiful environs in Pondicherry will be a blend of working on text as well as incorporating other elements like music, performance and visuals. Unlike other workshops where poets work in pairs with the assistance of interpreters, or where translations are produced collectively into one language, this workshop aims for cross-translation in different directions, providing an environment where participants are encouraged to translate work by everyone in the group and where they can learn about each other’s literary tradition and the contemporary context in which each of them writes. The week-long residential workshop will consist of group sessions and sessions dedicated to individual work. Daily discussions around the work in progress will allow the group to explore the microcosm of each text, as well as wider issues of translation practice. The workshop is expected to result in a multilingual multimedia performance to be staged at Chennai and Pune. 

POETRY CONNECTIONS at Chennai and Pune 
Performance at the Amethyst (Chennai) and Kala Chhaya (Pune) 
15 & 18 December, 2010 The same group of eight poets will put up a multilingual and multimedia performance at the Amethyst, Chennai on 15 December, 2010. The workshop will be held at the inauguration of ‘Poetry with Prakriti’, a two-week long poetry festival organized annually in Chennai by the Prakriti Foundation. The group of poets will showcase the same performance in Pune as part of the Open Space at Kala Chhaya on 18 December, 2010. 

Date: 15 December, 2010 Time: 7 pm Venue: Amethyst, Gopalapuram, Chennai 

Date: 18 December, 2010 Time: 6.30 pm Venue: Kala Chaya Campus, Opp Vikhe Patil School, Patrakar Nagar Road, Chaturshrungi, Pune 

Partners Literature Across Frontiers German Book Office Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council French Book Office British Council Sangam House Prakriti Foundation Open Space Siyahi 

Profile of Raphael Bendicht Urweider
Participating poet from Switzerland Raphael Bendicht Urweider was born in 1974 in Bern, Switzerland. He studied German literature and philosophy in Fribourg, and sees himself as a poet and a musician. He has performed with the Bernise Hip-Hop crew LDeeP and composed the music for a number of plays. In 1999, he received the Arbeitsstipendium des Deutschen Literaturfonds, as well as the Leonce-und-Lena-Preis. Other prizes include the Förderpreis des Bremer Literaturpreises (2001), the 3sat award at the Ingeborg Bachmann Competition (2002), and the Clemens-Brentano-Preis (2004). His first volume of poetry, Lichter in Menlo Park, was published in 2000. His latest collection is Das Gegenteil von Fleisch (2003). He also translates plays (Five Gold Rings, Poor Beck by Joanna Laurens) and poetry (Minsk by Lavinia Greenlaw). In March 2009, he was awarded the 'Schillerpreis' for his poems in 'Alle deine Namen'. He lives in Bern.