Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Plaistow to perform in India

Swiss band, Plaistow will be in India on a five-city tour playing in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore and Goa.

23 November The Hindu Festival, Ravindra Bharathi Auditorium / Hyderabad 
24 November Shisha Jazz Cafe / Pune 
26 November workshop at the True School / Mumbai 
27 November The Bandra Base, Bombay Jazz Club / Mumbai 
28 November Edward Theatre / Mumbai 
29 November Windmills Craftworks / Bangalore 
30 November International Jazz Live Festival / Goa

Entry: As per festival and venue rules 

The classical trio line-up - piano, bass, drums - is revisited from top to bottom, free from any stylistic constraint. The band's music is constantly evolving. Formed in 2007 in Geneva, Plaistow has since given a hundred concerts (Switzerland, France, Russia, Germany, Morocco, Middle East ...) and published 5 albums. The band's name was inspired by a composition of Squarepusher, aka Tom Jenkinson, called "Plaistow Flex Out". Since its beginnings Plaistow has chosen to distribute its music free of charge on the internet via its website and in close collaboration with netlabels, primarily Insubordinations. This does not prevent the sale of records, mainly after concerts, and also through distributors. Experience shows that these two methods of distribution, far from being opposed, are complementary. The physical object is irreplaceable; Internet and the digital medias, convenient and infinitely reproducible, are apprehended in parallel as powerful communication tools.

Band Members 
Johann Bourquenez / piano
Cyril Bondi / drums
Vincent Ruiz / double bass

For more information: http://www.plaistow.cc/

"Someone asked me the other day what Plaistow's music 'was'. I'm not usually lost for a word but I had to pass on this one. Jazz is very much at the heart of it, and with Citadelle jazz has come through with a new and growing authority, but there are other things going on as well, procedures that come from electronica (even if the specific sounds do not), from the neo-tonality of contemporary classical music (whether the guys consciously listen to these composers or not) and from a huge reservoir of central European vernaculars, where the musical cultures of East and West collide on a daily basis, on the radio, on television commercials, on piped music in bars, on ringtones." - Brian Morton, April 2013
The tour has been organised in partnership with GATECRASH.
Erik Truffaz Quartet to play for Indian audiences

Érik Truffaz quartet, comprising of Erik Truffaz (Trumpet), Christophe Chambet (Bass), Benoit Cirboz (Keyboards) and Marc Erbetta (Drums), to play in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore and Goa.

28 November 2013 Edward Theatre / Mumbai
29 November 2013 blueFROG / Pune
30 November 2013 Counter Culture / Bangalore
01 December 2013 Jazz Live International Festival / Goa

Entry: As per festival and venue rules

Erik Truffaz and the Erik Truffaz Quartet
Érik Truffaz (Chêne-Bougeries, 3 April 1960) is a Swiss-born French-nationality jazz trumpeter, infusing elements of hip hop, rock and roll and dance music into his compositions. He signed with the French EMI label in 1996.[1] Truffaz gained international attention with his second album on Blue Note, The Dawn, produced together with Patrick Muller, Marcello Giuliani and Mark Erbetta. Since then they have produced many Blue Note albums together such as Bending New Corners, which became a Silver Album in France. The 2007 release Arkhangelsk is a mixture of pop songs, French chanson, and jazz-groove. In 2007 he and Ed Harcourt appeared in a Take-Away Show video session shot by Vincent Moon.

The Erik Truffaz Quartet is above all a collective, a sound, a group dynamic. Starting in 1997 the group was Marcello Giuliani on bass, Marc Erbetta on drums, and Patrick Muller on keyboards for a first album, "Out of a Dream" for the legendary Blue Note label. For the album "The Dawn" and "Bending New Corner," the rapper Nya joined the group and brought a bit of an urban, poetic touch. The video for "Yuri's Choice" helped to spread the word, and at that time the group took inspiration from its Blue Note evening concerts in London, a temple for drum and bass, and composed music while on improvising bits falling on sound tower checks. Following these two albums the group focussed on an international presence succeeding in their musical craft.

The first detour was in 2003 with "The Walk of the Giant Turtle". It was a rock-inspired album that had an organic feel. Sound engineers Corboz and Giuliani distorted the sound of the trumpet. Truffaz was shocked at first, though eventually he loved the idea and built on it. "Archangel" was the album with a more mature feel: Ed Harcourt, Christophe, two singers, two magnificent voices and songs. In June 2010, Benedict took Corboz Patrick Muller's place. Sophie Hunger, with her marvelous voice, is invited to join the quartet on two tracks (a Dylan cover and an original composition). Marcello Giuliani brings his double bass back and records a track on the banjo, and the group is off again for more great adventures.

Band Members on the India tour
Erik Truffaz / Trumpet
Christophe Chambet / Bass
Benoit Cirboz / Keyboards
Marc Erbetta / Drums
Salvatore Dardano / Sound engineer

For more information: http://www.eriktruffaz.com/
 OR http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Erik_Truffaz

The tour has been organised in partnership with GATECRASH.
‘Body Temperature’ by Swiss performance artist Dorothea Rust

Workshop and performance-day by Swiss performance artist Dorothea Rust.

Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council in collaboration with Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art, GATI Dance Forum & swissnex India presents

'Body Temperature' 
workshop and performance-day by Swiss performance artist Dorothea Rust 
in collaboration with Indian artists Smitha Cariappa and Suresh Kumar

Dates: 9 - 12 December 2013 
Workshops: 9 & 10 December 2013 
Venue: The GATI Dance Forum, New Delhi 
To register email details to rust.doro(at)bluewin.ch or redsurya(at)gmail.com 

Performance-Day: 11 December 2013 
Venue: Khirki Village, New Delhi

Reflections: 12 December 2013 
Venue: GATI Dance Forum, New Delhi
Address: The GATI Dance Forum, 5 Wind Mill Place, S-17, Khirkee Extension, Opposite Select City Walk, New Delhi - 110017 T +91 11 4182 5766 / M +91 99714 06113

Dorothea Rust returns to India to further her research with performance artists and participate in a live-art performance in New Delhi this December. Dorothea was in Bangalore, India in 2011 to be part of LIVE ART FESTIVAL BANGALORE. The specific of this collaboration and exchange is to enhance engagement and development of skills and collaboration in performance art practice. The workshop at GATI Dance Forum will focus on performance studies and will include discussions on strategies and practices in performance art with examples from the art/performance canon and from contemporary works. Indian artists Smitha Cariappa and Suresh Kumar will join Dorothea Rust in presenting different performative approaches, tendencies and the scenes in Switzerland and India (e.g. research about documentation, festivals, competitions, initiatives in off-spaces) The participants of the workshop will indulge in performance-practice and awareness explorations in preparation for the performance 'Body-Temperature' for the Delhi-Performance-Day. Sessions will include developing body concepts, codes and strategies and reflecting on our relationship with space, environment, neighborhood and city. Tentative list of performers at 'Body-Temperature' for the Delhi-Performance-Day on 11 December 2013 at Khirki Village, New Delhi includes: • Aishwarya Sultania (Delhi) • Dorothea Rust (Zürich /Switzerland) • Dimple Shah (Bangalore) • Inder Salim (Delhi) • Manas Acharya (Kolkata) • Monica Nanjunda (Bangalore/Hydrabad) •Pinak Banik from Kolkata •Shweta Bhattad (Nagpur) • Smitha Cariappa (Bangalore) • Sushil Kumar (Delhi) • Suresh Kumar (Bangalore) • WALA collective (Delhi) • Students from the Delhi workshop.

About Dorothea Rust:
Dorothea Rust works in/with dance, improvisation, performance art, live actions, and installation. She is curator of diverse performance events in collaboration with other artists and music groups (Der längste Tag, GNOM gruppe für neue musik baden). Back in the 80s she collaborated in New York with dancer, choreographers and musicians where the experimental spirit and the protagonists and works of the Judson Dance Group of the 60s were still prevalent. Since 1986, Rust has given solo performances and collaborated with various choreographers, musicians and visual artists. Her performances and teaching activities have taken her across the globe to USA, South America, Europe and Asia.

More: www.dorothearust.ch
Organiser & partners: Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council FICA Foundation for Indian Contemporary Art Gati Dance Forumswissnex India