Friday, 31 May 2013

Lighting Designer Jonathan O'Hear to visit India

Swiss Lighting Designer Jonathan O’ Hear will be in India at the invitation of Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts, Bangalore and Gati Dance Forum in Delhi.

During his stay in India, Jonathan will conduct workshops at the Attakkalari Center for Movement Arts following which he will work on the project “a male ant has straight antennae -exploring notions of masculinity and touch” with Mandeep Raikhy, Gati Dance Forum.

Bangalore: 21 to 27 May 2013

New Delhi: 27 May to 19 June 2013

About Jonathan O’ Hear 
After receiving his diploma in Video and Film Production, from the Vancouver Film School and Columbia Academy, Vancouver, Jonathan O’Hear returned to Geneva and worked as a sound operator, lighting operator, video operator, technical manager and then as lighting and video designer. He then moved to Brussels where he continued lighting design and consequently worked as an independent multimedia designer (lighting, video and web).

Jonathan now lives in Geneva and has worked for choreographers such as Foofwa D'Imobilité (Neopost Ahrrrt), Rebecca Spinetti (Cobalt) and Play Director :Georges Guereiro (Baraka cie) on all their productions. Jonathan has been the Lighting and Video designer for over a hundred productions in New York, Geneva, Paris and Brussels in venues such as Baryshnikov Arts Center, Dance New Amsterdam, Association de la Danse Contemporaine, Bercy, Le théâtre des Amandiers, Palexpo, La Comédie de Genève, le Botanique, le Théâtre Varia and many others. He has also been the director of photography for a dozen short movies and music and sports video clips.
Off late, Jonathan has been working on Design and production of interactive video for live performances and development of a video compression system for low bandwidth. He has been experimenting with the use of new technologies and human interference such as generating an organic form of light movement and using a track pad to move and reshape it live during the performance.