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Swiss artist, Maja Hürst invited for St+ art Mumbai
Swiss artist Maja Hürst has been invited by the st+art Mumbai festival to present her work to the Mumbai public. Maja will create a graffiti work in a public space.

Swiss artist, Maja Hürst invited for St+ art Mumbai Street art

On exhibit from 7 - 30 November 2014
Maja Hürst has been invited by the festival organizers to participate in the festival and present her work to the Mumbai public. Maja will be in Mumbai in November 2014 to create a graffiti work in a public space.

Maja Hürst will also be putting up installations at

- Magma Vol I @St. Jude in Bandra, opening on the 14th of November.
a project room in dialogue with the streets. The artists will realize site-specific installations using found objects and materials rooted in Indian street life. 

- Magma Vol II @Upadrasta House in Kala Ghoda, opening on the 15th of November. 
The event will host the rarefied culmination of this unstoppable flow from the streets to inside spaces. Drawings, canvases and videos will be showcased highlighting the very contemporary art character behind the works of all the artists invited.

The next edition of the festival will show works of major street artists from across the globe together with a selection of the best Indian artists providing an in-depth view of the 'phenomenon' of Street Art and the movement of taking it from graffiti to public art .

About the artist: 
TIKA is the visual language of self-taught artist Maja Hürst. Her universe of clear, graphic shapes and vary textures originate in the broad nosed character which Hürst has first drawn in 2003. The imagery is a discourse of aspects of today's global society and the nearly forgotten traditions and sagas of the past. The strictly regulated way of living in modern megacities is catalyzed into reduced shapes on grid precision, filled with savagely applied textures and scratches through layers of dust, paint and history reminding of wild vintage tropicalism. Maja Hürst was born in Switzerland in 1978, raised in Cairo and Cologne. In 2004 she received her diploma in Visual Communication at the school of art and design Zürich, ZHdK. TIKA can be found as building bracing murals in Cape Town, Cologne, Atlanta, Bangkok, The Gambia, Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Berlin, Alexandria, Zürich, to name a few. On canvas, burned in wood or painted behind glass, Maja Hürst's studiowork has been on display at various solo- and group expositions at museums and galleries around the world.
More: tikathek.com/latest/

About the Festival
The objective of the festival is to reclaim public space to promote sustainability in the urban landscape! The street art movement in India set a new milestone with st+art Delhi The festival is a joint-venture between Indian & international street artists who took over massive wall spaces in Delhi, and changed the urban city's landscape into a permanent walking art gallery. Over the years, India has had a share of various international artists leaving their mark (in various spots) across India. But st+art Delhi was the first time when so many artists from across the globe congregated in one spot in India to help push the street-art movement. The organizers of the festival believe that the power of street art lies in the influences that every artist absorbs from the street and re-works it with his/her unique spin. Street artists develop a way that is strongly rooted in mural art, and a form that has the immediacy in the manner in which it reaches the public.

Press mention:
Blouin Artinfo >> 
Completed work
Close-up of work

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