Friday, 30 January 2015

Swiss representation at IGNITE! 2015
Pro Helvetia presents A Dream of Silence by an independent choreographer and dancer, Rakesh MPS who currently lives and works in Zurich. Filmmaker, Frédéric Lombard has been invited to document the festival.

Fluid territorial boundaries define the lives of the millennial generation of contemporary performers. With the objective of giving a platform to Indian contemporary dance practitioners who have furthered their engagement with contemporary technique, improvisation and choreography in their work as performers in Europe, IGNITE! 2015 has invited Rakesh MPS and Saju Hari, whose choreographic practice encompasses this intercontinental experience, emerging from their identity as Indian-origin artists who frequently work within the European context.

Double Bill Performance 2 as part of IGNITE! 2015
Sunday, 18 January 2015, 8:30 pm, 
Venue: Kamani Auditorium, New Delhi
Duration: 70 min
Donor Pass INR 200/ 300/ 400

Rakesh MPS [India / Switzerland] A Dream of Silence
What is free will? How and when will I be free? The conflict of the self with the outside is not just a superficial one. The artist believes that it impacts the collective consciousness. The only choice available is to shut out the sensorial world which, in itself, proves to be limited by its own constraints. Eventually, the artist finds a way out through a final act of expressing his free will.

Rakesh started his career as a Bollywood dancer. Since 2003, he has been doing contemporary dance. He was associated with Attakkalari Centre for Movement Arts for five years. He participated in the Apprenticeship Program with the Magpie Umbrella Organization under the direction of Katie Duck. Since 2009, Rakesh has worked as a contemporary dance teacher, teaching at many prestigious dance festivals and companies across India and Europe. An independent choreographer and dancer, he now lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland.

Choreography & Performance Rakesh MPS 
Stage Design Sohil Bhatia 
Sound Design Gaurav Chintamani 
Supported by Pro-Helvetia Swiss Arts Council

Frédéric Lombard at IGNITE 2015
Gati Dance Forum, the organizers of IGNITE!, a festival of contemporary dance to be held in Delhi in January 2015 have invited filmmaker and video artist, Frédéric Lombard to create a film on the works of participating artists. 

Gati Dance Forum had earlier in December 2011, invited Frédéric Lombard to participate in the Yellow Line Project along with Indian choreographer Surjit Nongmeikapam. The Yellow Line Project (YLP) aimed to create an experimental space for collaborative interactions between dance, film and the city of New Delhi.

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