Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Swiss band HELY to play in Delhi, Pune, Goa and Kolkata

Swiss band HELY comprising of Lucca Fries on the piano and Jonas Ruther on the drums will be in India this November.

 European jazz-piano bands HELY from Switzerland will play in Delhi, Pune, Goa and Kolkata . 

Date/ venue: 
Nov 23rd, The Piano Man Jazz Club, DELHI 
Nov 25th, Shisha CafĂ© Jazz Festival, PUNE 
Nov 26th, Goa International Jazz Live Festival 2016 
Nov 27th, The Jazz Fest, KOLKATA

Entry as per festival and venue rules. 
For timings please visit closer to the date.

About HELY - Jangal 
HELY is a powerful duo from Switzerland, with Lucca Fries on the piano and Jonas Ruther on the drums. HELY stand out musically and formally in the landscape of European jazz-piano bands. What makes the artful interaction of the young duo from Zurich so unique is - amongst other aspects - the profound understanding of the respective counterpart. So it is a more than intuitive closeness that is reflected in HELY's compositions. It manifests itself in the tight interlocking of the instruments, in a multifaceted sound and the infectious rhythmic flow. Meandering lines let classical minimalism flash up on the horizon. Dynamically swelling figures and acuminating staccatos arouse an almost trance-like atmosphere. With somnambulistic certainty, piano and drums move between clarity and complexity, between interesting harmonies and timbres. Open structures intensify slowly, but inexorably; a direct, but never overly flaunting energy inevitably draws the listener into HELY's oscillating universe. The concentration on piano and drums offers a tremendous potential for surprises, which the two young Swiss musicians fathom precisely and joyfully.

The album title Jangal means "thicket" in Farsi and was taken from the piece of the same name. "Our working title for this composition was 'Jungle', because it sounds like a huge anthill and snakes," the duo explains. All in all, it is not seldom, that HELY's music sounds like a jungle whose dense diversity inescapably fascinates and at a second glance reveals exciting details.


Partners: Pro Helvetia - Swiss Arts Council in collaboration with Gatecrash

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